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It's not about luck
Have you ever thought of using your sports knowledge to generate a passive income?

There are thousands of professional sports bettors around the world that utilize picks and study the game turning sports
betting and gambling into their full-time job. The thing that sets professional gamblers apart from amateurs is their ability
to regularly get a consistent return on their overall bets. While they might lose a few bets each week ultimately they come
out on top because they know the right way to handicap their bets for consistent profits.

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Currently, we are showing
a 10% Return on Investment

Our work is always documented at Pickmonitor.com. We personally pay a subscription fee to ensure that our service and work is always transparent. Our records are never skewed in ways to fraudulently “tout” to sell membership subscriptions. We don’t make any fake promises so, you have nothing to worry about. WIth our personal style of coaching and mentoring, we will promise to make you a better sports handicapper.

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There is absolutely no question that everyone wants to make money with sports betting. Anyone promising you a rags to riches dream should be ignored. Our services are currently showing 61% win ratio. For you to be profitable, you have to win above 52% of the time. This is a live feed of my overall bets. (WP=Win Percentage, U=Units)


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